Who we are

We are our students and their families. 

We are the tutors and teachers who help them achieve amazing results.

We are a tightly-knit community with our children’s best interest at our core.

We started in 2014 when a private tutor, disappointed with his experience as a classroom teacher, remembered that true learning is creative, personal and exciting.

Hi, my name is Serban and I am the founder of Surbiton Tutors. 

Serban Anghene, ADG

I started tutoring in 2014 and have since worked with many students, of all levels, ages 6 to 76. I have worked as a teaching assistant, teacher and study skills tutor in primary and secondary schools. Soon I found out that classroom teaching wasn’t really for me, in which respect I believe I echo the mindset of many wonderful students.

I therefore focused on 1:1 and small group work, focusing on English as a Foreign Language, personalised exam preparation and specialist intervention for students with low literacy and other special needs. I discovered that students at all levels can benefit from additional support with grammar, style and creative writing.

Privately, I have been working across the range, with low and high attaining students, including 11+ and independent school exam candidates for schools in Surrey and SW London in a wide range of subjects from Maths to English.

My GCSE English students have mostly obtained grades 7 and up (A-A*).

I currently hold two specialist teaching qualifications at Level 5 – a Trinity College TESOL Certificate and a Dyslexia and Literacy Specialist Practitioner Diploma with Dyslexia Action, a BA Degree in Journalism and an MA in Playwriting. I am a professional Associate Member of the Dyslexia Guild (ADG). 

I am also a part-time author, having most recently published a children’s picture book. As a hobby, I also teach Romanian when the opportunity arises.

What I love most about 1:1 and small group work is the efficacy brought on by personalised intervention.

I believe it is important for educators to experience a range of professions before engaging in teaching. How else would we gauge the opportunities and demands of life beyond education, so important to our students nowadays? Moreover, I thoroughly enjoy bringing my experience as a journalist, author and actor to the profession with the aim of delivering creative and engaging lessons.

Ultimately, I believe that the teacher-student relationship is key to learning.

Sometimes my students like to play a round of Three Truths – One Lie on our first session. Let’s give it a go.

Why the elephant as a symbol for Surbiton tutors? Can you spot the lie?

Always growing…


We are a tightly-knit community. We know all our tutors on a personal basis and we work as a referral-based network.

At the moment Serban delivers most of our tuition, particularly all English-related subjects and loves every second of it. However…

We are looking to share the joy of teaching our brilliant students with more teachers and tutors from all areas of study. The best way to get into contact with us, whether you are looking for, or to become, a Surbiton Tutor is by email or telephone.